The global communications industry is changing drastically and rapidly. ANEW Broadband, founded in 2000, is the premier application service provider of solutions for the telecommunications and entertainment markets in South Florida. Its technologies empower businesses to provide next-generation services such as IPTV with on-demand, interactive television to their guests in the comfort of their offices or residences. ANEW Broadband offers services through its partners, which include more than 100 of the most prestigious businesses, condominiums and communities, hotel chains and retail businesses in South Florida and Latin America. The company provides the necessary technology for developing, enhancing, and extending advanced networks and services.

Powered by CIMA Telecom, ANEW Broadband is among the first to sell carrier-grade commercial application solutions to multi-dwelling units and business customers in high population density areas and multiple-tenant buildings in South Florida. An important characteristic of ANEW’s service is the seamless transition it delivers by offering services over a completely alternative network at speeds often faster than DSL and cable.

Through ANEW’s technologies, competitive companies can rapidly deploy high-speed Internet and data access without the large capital expenditure of deploying their own networks or dependence on incumbent local carriers. Customers benefit from the service through fast installation, great customer support and significant cost savings.